I. and II. semester

Interdisciplinary Artistic Approaches: Tactics and Strategies5
Dance, Art and Educational Aspects – Pedagogical Approaches5
Art, Activism and Social Movements5
Dance Critique and Reflection5
Body Ideologies and Gender Studies5
Dance, Politics and Sociology5
Philosophy of Movement and Dance5
Ballet and Contemporary Dance – Tradition and Contemporaneity: Historical, Theoretical and Analytical Perspectives5
Elective courses20

III. and IV. semester

Organization and Production in Dance5
Dramaturgy of Dance5
Elective courses10
Individual Research Project and/or Pedagogical Project (as introduction to the Master Thesis)10
Master Thesis30

Elective Courses

Film and Dance – Presentation of Dancers5
Music Composition in Contemporary Dance5
Contemporary Theories in Art5
Anthropology of Gender and Culture10
Art and Life: Philosophical Theories and Artistic Practices5
History of Feminism5
Avant-garde and the Autonomy of Art5