• Dr. Svebor Sečak, Associate Professor
    Dean of the Academy of Dance
  • Eneja Kovačič
    Administration Office
  • Nuša Krstič
    International Office


The vision of the Alma Mater Europaea Academy of Dance is to become the leading artistic academy in the region that considers its vision from a wide perspective in the sense of connecting diverse genres and interdisciplinary activities and placing dance art in the widest spheres of cultural and social life. Read more


At the Academy of Dance, we ensure top-quality knowledge in the area of dance, pedagogy and the creative-choreographic process. With a wide range of diverse pedagogues and their rich artistic and creative experiences and leadership, we offer our students the highest possible interaction and participation with the best experts in their areas of expertise. Read more


The Alma Mater Europaea Academy of Dance underpins its functioning on the following strategic guidelines:

  • Development and excellence in educational activities in the areas of culture and art
  • Strengthening of local and expansion of international liaisons with educational, research, commercial and other institutions that are building on the skills for the future
  • Sustainable and successful operation and placing on the map of Europe and the world
  • Provision and improvement of quality in all areas of activity
  • Sustainable and responsible ioeratuib abd cooperation with the environment