Hip Hop dance and the culture that developed around it have become a part of popular culture throughout the past twenty years and have been present at almost every step of the way in music and TV industry. 

This is why within the Hip Hop BA study program, we offer a diverse span of subjects that gives the students a deeper insight into both culture and dance.    

During the three-year program students:

  • Get acquainted with all the dance techniques that have defined Hip Hop from its very beginnings until today and are introduced to other elements of the Hip Hop culture
  • Are led by top lecturers who will enhance and perfect them as dancers and choreographers of Hip Hop
  • Are introduced and trained in other dance techniques and genres
  • Master stage and film skills that are necessary for staging and directing dance performances in theatres, movie screens or TV.  

Despite the fact that the subjects are divided, the program is prepared as a whole that is augmented from the beginning of the first to the end of the third year of study, including the diploma project. The program is adapted according to the interests of every individual student and every student, along the core subjects, can select elective courses according to his/her needs and wishes. 

We assist students in getting practical competences since at the end of every study year there is a public dance performance in a selected theatre venue. Students of all study years take part in the program and together with their mentors throughout the academic year create a full-evening performance by implementing their acquired knowledge and skills.  

We also assist the students to take part in local artistic activities, projects and festival events. In that manner the skills and knowledge they acquire come to light especially after the third year of study when every student creates an individual graduate performance and has a written defence of the graduate thesis, that are a precondition for the completion of the study program.