This revised, three-year undergraduate program in jazz dance offers a diverse spectrum of theoretical and practical knowledge of jazz dance and related subjects. Dance and choreography – jazz dance concentration program strives to cultivate an environment to mold a well-rounded dancers with a refined dance technique, who can enhance their knowledge in order to achieve their unique individual goals. The faculty members are accomplished dancers, choreographers and scholars, dedicated to raise successful dancers, creative artists and critical thinkers.

Becoming versatile dancers, students will develop self-awareness of their own body and its physical capabilities, advance their creative thinking and explore their creativity in individual as well as group settings. The students will gain comprehensive knowledge of dance as an art form by learning about its historical and cultural context. They will learn how to evaluate their own work, as well as work of their peers, and successfully communicate their ideas, thoughts and emotions through dance.

Besides a classical jazz dance technique, dancers will explore contemporary styles of jazz dance: lyrical jazz, contemporary jazz, street jazz and enhance their knowledge through applied ballet, tap dance, modern dance, contemporary fusion and partnering dance lessons. Through improvisation, students will delve into their personal expression, creativity and means to interpret music, gesture and space through their movements. They will also engage in performing arts classes such as music theatre, musical, music performance and singing. Choreography methods, enactment of ideas and actualization of an art form will be taught in composition and creative research process class. This program offers a necessary professional and practical classes, knowledge and experience, regarding physical preparation of a dancer, injury prevention and addresses topics from the fields of psychology, pedagogy, history of dance, arts management, dance critique and audio/video technology.

Young dancers, in collaboration with their mentors and faculty, get an opportunity to show their newly gained expertise in annual show organized by AMEU – Dance Academy.


Graduated dancer / Choreographer


6 semesters / 3 years (180 ECTS)


Ljubljana, Slovenia