Concert for eight, 2021

Premiere: Festival TanzArt Digital, Giessen, Germay 2021

Performers: Nataša Djurić, Daša Janičijevič, Maša Kunovac, Nina Vončina, Johanna Greiner, Tina Habun, Neža Blažič, Daša Resnik

Mentor: Rosana Hribar

Light design: Danilo Pečar

Video directing, camera and editing: Matjaž Mrak FRIENDLY GROUP / FRIENDLY Production

The performance is an independent work of the students of the Dance Academy, which they created within the subject Composition and Creative Research Process. Based on the given instructions and the tasks of the mentor, they had to create a choreographic miniature, which represents a rounded whole in terms of content and performance. In doing so, they had to pay attention that the choreography is clear in the narration, that it expresses mutual dialogue and their own personal expression or character, is compositionally meaningful and balanced and takes into account the given musical genre. Music used in the piece represent the excellent Slovenian music collective Bast with elements of ritual and the well-known violin concerto by J. S. Bach. Classical musical work presented the students with a challenge in which the students discovered how tradition connects with contemporary dance. For the dance video, we slightly adapted the choreography, together with the director Matjaž Mrak, we also designed it spatially and placed it in the Dance Theater Ljubljana and complemented it with the wonderful ambience of the city of Ljubljana.