Tuition entitles you to:

  • a cost of education;
  • information support – e-office for student affairs, e-index, SMS-notifications…;
  • e-study-materials;
  • processing subject transfer and expert practice requests during studies;
  • two exam dates per subject;
  • counseling at the Career center before and during studies;
  • mentorship and tutorship for students;
  • unlimited use of computers at the Center for independent learning and at »computer corners«;
  • use of virtual learning environments;


Payment terms and benefits

Pay yourself

  • Rate installments – you can pay the tuition fees in 1, 2, 3, 5 or 9 rates. When you choose more than 1 rate each rate carries additional 20€ of administrative expenses. In the case of 9 rate tuition payment, the first rate totals a fifth (1/5) of the full tuition, the remaining four-fifths (4/5) are divided into the remaining (8) rates.
  • The tuition fees for senior years will supposedly remain the same or shall be consistent with retail prices.
  • The cost of graduation is settled in the 3rd year and sums a total of 650€.


  • In case a company bears the student’s tuition expenses the student fills out a FORM based on which the faculty issues a receipt to the company.
  • The company settles the tuition upon enrollment.
  • Rate installments are, of course, an option

PRICE LIST FOR STUDENTS, STUDY YEAR 2021/2022 for studies in English

Management board Alma Mater Europaea, Maribor (Alma Mater) has reached the following decision on 57. meeting at 9. 4. 2020, based on 16. article of the Alma Mater Statute:


1. Tuition fees

1.1 Courses on Dance Academy

The tuition fee for one year of study in slovene language – BA program (1st Bologna cycle)3.800,00 EUR
The tuition fee for one year of study in slovene language – MA program (2nd Bologna cycle)2.500,00 EUR



1. Study year repetition

1/3 of whole tuition

2. Registration fee/enrollment fee (foreign students), which includes

100,00 EUR
2.1  Student identity card with labe
2.2 Contribution for using the IT program VIS
2.3 Library membership fee
2.4 Enrollment documentation, enrollment certificates,
transcript of records

3. Exams

3.1 First and second taking of exams / partial exams
3.2 Third and any consecutive taking of exam before a board of
100,00 EUR
3.3 Third and any consecutive taking of exam
– half of the exam
– third of the exam
50,00 EUR
3.4 Differential (bridge) exam150,00 EUR
3.5 Untimely registration for and withdrawal from the exam/midterm, part of the exam20,00 EUR
3.6 Commission exam300,00 EUR

4. Value of 1 ECTS point

4.1 Dance, Choreography, BA program*63,33 EUR
4.2 Dance Studies, MA program*41,67 EUR

5. Costs for persons without status

5.1 Exam1Proportional share of
the tuition,
considering ECTS
worth 2 
5.2 Registration fee50,00 EUR
5.3 Issuing a certificate for completed exams or achieved average
10,00 EUR
5.4 Issuing a confirmation of enrollment10,00 EUR
5.5 Issuing a study withdrawal form signed by the president of
Alma Mater
50,00 EUR
5.6 Issuing other certificates20,00 EUR
5.7 Issuing other certificates in foreign language50,00 EUR

6. Requests and applications for issuing rulings and resolutions

6.1 Application for recognition of exams completed elsewhere500,00 EUR 3  
6.2 Application for study year repetition
6.3 Request for conditional enrollment in one year further up100,00 EUR
6.4 Request for extending year50,00 EUR
6.5 Aplication for enrollment in a higher year500,00 EUR
6.6 Issuing a certificate of authenticy of issued documents signed
by the president of Alma Mater
50,00 EUR
6.7 Issuing of approved curriculum10,00 EUR
6.8 Request for prolonging the validity of thesis proposal100,00 EUR
6.9 The process of recognition of education (nostrification)100,00 EUR

7. Diploma thesis with defense

7.1 Undergraduate1500,00 EUR
7.2 Issue of duplicate of diploma document with annexIncluded in tuition
7.3 Issue of duplicate of diploma document with annex (duplicate)100,00 EUR

8. Habilitation costs for teaching staff

8.1 First habilitation as a higher education lecturer2000,00 EUR
8.2 Re-election to higher education lecturer1000,00 EUR
8.3 Election to higher education associate and other titles750,00 EUR
8.4 The procedure for establishing equivalence of acquired
habilitation titles at a foreign higher education institution
1000,00 EUR

9. Master thesis with defense

9.1 Master thesis with defenseBy ECTS


* The basic measurement unit for calculation of obligations for the study program is a credit point (ECTS). The sum is calculated
in a way that the tuition fee for the year is divided by 60. One academic year lasts (per definition) 12 months and includes 60 ECTS points. For students without status, one exam attempt of diploma thesis is calculated in a way that the value of the ECTS point from Part 4 of the price list is multiplied with the number of ECTS points. Students that exceed the number of ECTS points in one year, must pay the difference. A student can for example enroll into the 2nd year according to transfer criteria, and can perform 15 ECTS points with the missing (“differential”) exams from the 1st year, and 60 ECTS points from year 2. Said difference in surplus of 15 credit points, obtained in one year, must be paid in addition, or calculated towards the
**  This price list can change with the resolution of the Management Board of Alma Mater before the beginning of the enrolment procedure.

1 Inlcudes seminars/lab work, clinical exercises and two attempts at exam.
2 Implementation of the subject is calculated in a way that the tutition fee for 1 year is divided by 60 (ECTS) and multiplied with the number of ECTS points for that particular subject tuition fee for the next academic year. This also applies in case of smaller groups of students due to lower student numbers in individual years, who are allowed to perform exams from (higher) years other than the one, they are currently enrolled in.
3 In case of enrollment in Alma Mater, the paid amount is refunded or deducted from the tuition fee.